Night show | 15. 07. 2017

Activity detail

Type of activity National Dog Show
Location Szombathely (HU)
Number of Dogs 7
Judge Z.Balogh (HU)

Results - dogs (Complete results are not guaranteed)

Champion class
Re-Harachte BarbakhanExcellent - 1CAC, BOB
Impala IMPERATORExcellent - 2res. CAC
Veteran class
Elamir ADIDDASExcellent - 1Veterán BOB

Results - bitches (Complete results are not guaranteed)

Intermediate class
Re-Harachte Dilara Bint AmaraExcellent - 1
Open class
Ba Shiima Al NoushafarinExcellent - 1CAC
Re-Hawachte Celina Ya Bint Al HawaExcellent - 2res. CAC
Champion class
Leyla of Falconers DreamExcellent - 1