New Year Show | 16. 01. 2016

Activity detail

Type of activity International Dog Show
Location Nitra (SK)
Judge L.Erdös (HU)

Results - dogs (Complete results are not guaranteed)

Junior class
Shawati AMERIGOExcellent - 1CAJC
Intermediate class
FARRIS Tall AfarExcellent - 1CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG II
Open class
CAMAL IBN FURAT al-QuadarExcellent - 1CAC
Champion class
Impala IMPERATORExcellent - 1CAC, res. CACIB

Results - bitches (Complete results are not guaranteed)

Puppy class
NASIRAH of Falconers DreamVery promissing - 1
Junior class
TALIJA el KolubExcellent - 1CAJC
Intermediate class
FAIRYTALE Tall AfarExcellent - 1CAC, res. CACIB
CARLISA Lux EsseniaExcellent - 2res. CAC
ADILAH Al NasyaExcellent - 3
Open class
ENAM Tall AfarExcellent - 1CAC
E´SAPHIRA Tall AfarExcellent - 2res. CAC
LATIKA Pardál z AsuanuExcellent - 3
Champion class
ASALI Aurum BohemiaExcellent - 1CAC, CACIB, BOS