National Dog Show | 18. 02. 2018

Activity detail

Type of activity National Dog Show
Location Bratislava (SK)
Number of Dogs 9
Judge Ludmila Fintorová (SK)

Results - dogs (Complete results are not guaranteed)

Intermediate class
Arwan Hadia Min SahraExcellent - 1CAC
ASHAR Hadia Min SahraExcellent - 2
Open class
CARTHAGO z Gibesovy zahrádkyExcellent - 1CAC, BOS

Results - bitches (Complete results are not guaranteed)

Junior class
BASHEERA z TripuExcellent - 1CAJC, Junior BOB
Aile Ferdi Cici CicecVery good - 2
Intermediate class
Alika Sunchine AlhayaExcellent - 1
Open class
CONNIE z Gibesovy zahrádkyExcellent - 1CAC, BOB, BOG III
DILAFROZE YrtepExcellent - 2
Champion class
GLORIA Al ZahraExcellent - 1