DUO CACIB | 05. 02. 2017

Activity detail

Type of activity International Dog Show
Location Brno (CZ)
Judge Friedrich Peter (DE)

Results - dogs (Complete results are not guaranteed)

Baby class
L'Ebony Davu JumanjiVery promissing - 1
Abisha Arshan Devon Exe
Puppy class
CASPER AliuzijaVery promissing - 1
Junior class
AFIRE BEY z TripuExcellent - 1CAJC
Intermediate class
Arshan DUMONTExcellent - 1CAC
Amal Hayati Obadiah Maysoon Jalal LazizExcellent - 2res. CAC
Open class
ETIENNE Al ZahraExcellent - 1CAC
Nardous Ter DolenExcellent - 2res. CAC
FAWWAZ Al ZahraExcellent - 3
Champion class
Crowned Head il BaharaExcellent - 1CAC, CACIB, BOS
DREAMER Al ZahraExcellent - 2res. CAC, res. CACIB
EMIR Tall AfarExcellent - 3
Khyrisma Anistana AVATAR At Yaran

Results - bitches (Complete results are not guaranteed)

Junior class
DILAFROZE YrtepExcellent - 1CAJC, Junior BOB
DANIYA Al NaqawaExcellent - 2
AANISAH z TripuExcellent - 3
Aliya Kiana Ar'MaghaanExcellent - 4
Intermediate class
CYNTHIA Avatar PincExcellent - 1CAC, res. CACIB
Yalameh P´CANDANIExcellent - 2res. CAC
Open class
Leyla of Falconers Dream
Working class
Davu Jumanji GharziaExcellent - 1CAC
Champion class
ASALI Aurum BohemiaExcellent - 1CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG II
LARA´S LADY of IslayExcellent - 2res. CAC