DUO CACIB | 04. 02. 2018

Activity detail

Type of activity International Dog Show
Location Brno (CZ)
Judge Summer Kurt, A

Results - dogs (Complete results are not guaranteed)

Puppy class
Hunter Al ZahraVery promissing - 1photo
DAMIR z Gibesovy zahrádkyVery promissing - 2photo
Junior class
Badavie ChalawanExcellent - 1CAJCphoto
BISQUITTE z Tripu Excellent - 2
Abisha Arshan Devon ExeVery good - 3
Intermediate class
ASHAR Hadia Min SahraExcellent - 1CAC, res. CACIBphoto
GUARDIAN Al ZahraExcellent - 2res. CAC
CASPER AliuzijaExcellent - 3photo
Open class
CARTHAGO z Gibesovy zahrádkyExcellent - 1CAC
KENAN KAMAL Al DjiiBaajahExcellent - 2res. CAC
BAQIR Al ZahraExcellent - 3photo
Working class
FUTUN Al Zahra
Champion class
OMAN SAID Ter DolenExcellent - 1CAC, CACIB, BOS
Arshan DUMONTExcellent - 2res. CAC
Impala IMPERATORExcellent - 3photo

Results - bitches (Complete results are not guaranteed)

Puppy class
ASSIA Argicola a NordVery promissing - 1
ALIA Argicola a NordVery promissing - 2
Junior class
BENISSAH z TripuExcellent - 1CAJC, BOB, Junior BOB, BIG IVphoto
LATONYA Al DjiibaajahExcellent - 2
Intermediate class
CONNIE z Gibesovy zahrádkyExcellent - 1CACphoto
KATEEFAVery good - 2
AGNESS Devon Exe
Open class
DARSAMÍN YrtepExcellent - 1CAC, CACIBphoto
KIMIYA KANIZ Al DjiibaajahExcellent - 2res. CAC
ABIAH Deluca MoraviaExcellent - 3photo
Viva La Dioskury S Berega TuriExcellent - 4photo
U´DIYAH WAR´DAH Al AsmaaniExcellent
Working class
Davu Jumanji GHARZIA
Champion class
CASIAH al QuadarExcellent - 1CAC, res. CACIBphoto
AANISAH z TripuExcellent - 2res. CAC
LARA´S LADY of IslayExcellent - 3photo
Yalameh P´CANDANIExcellent - 4photo